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In the first of this three-part series, Mr Rumboll and Mr Debney explored the hypothetical case study of Zenth Pty Ltd, which develops software to assist with remote customer experiences, that needs to raise further capital following a Series A and Series B capital raise.

The pair explored the legal framework for a pre-IPO capital raise, unpacked whether equity or debt was a more suitable form of capital for this client, examined documentation forms and key terms and conditions, before exploring note terms, due diligence and exits. They ran an interactive session, engaging with attendees via poll on the best form of capital, and also whether or not Zenith was likely to offer investor-friendly terms, in accordance with the stated facts of the hypothetical case. 

The masterclass set the stage for the second part in the series, which will look at how to run an IPO. Mr Rumboll will return for this masterclass, with another of his senior colleagues joining as co-presenter.

Antony Rumboll

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