CPD 0.75

Innovation: A State of Mind

To capitalise on change in 2021, James will discuss how to stay relevant and successful in the changing landscape we find ourselves in today, why every business needs to be continually innovating, and how every individual can do it. In eight years of hosting “The […]

CPD 0.5

Panel: Changing the game

Boutique lawyers and law firms face unique and complex challenges, and “doing it all” can be the tip of the iceberg. As a small business, you don’t necessarily have the resources to do everything at once. This session will provide you with panellists who will […]


Ethical Pursuit: The legal ethics game show

From television series The Chaser, former lawyer Julian Morrow brings you this captivating session that will test your knowledge about legal ethics to keep you up to date with interesting new developments from Australia and around the world in this CPD trivia-style session. This session will […]

$20 30 mins
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Panel: The key to balancing wellness at work

Striking the right balance between managing your professional obligations and your personal health and wellness is becoming increasingly harder in this fast-paced, technology-driven era. To achieve business success, it is now more important than ever to maintain a sustainable and positive career in law. This […]